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What is SelfSmart:

SelfSmart is an online personal development tool that will help you to better understand yourself, your learning needs and your future aims for employment and life in general.

SelfSmart is a series of easy-to-answer questions that will give you a detailed personal profile, showing you where your greatest strengths are. If there are areas that you need support in, SelfSmart will also highlight these and give you ideas on how you can improve. Your SelfSmart profile will be shared with your centre to give them a better understanding about you, your needs and what they can do to support you.

What will SelfSmart do for you?:

SelfSmart can help you to think about where you are, and prepare for the next step. When you have completed SelfSmart's question sets, you will be able to access the Your Profile section; where you can quickly see what you are good at and the areas that you may want to improve. Your Profile gives you access to many activities that will talk about:

You will need a Username and Password (provided by your centre) to access SelfSmart.

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